All About What I Do


It’s so interesting how we choose to spend our money. All of us have things that we don’t mind handing our credit card over for—some don’t bat an eye at getting a massage, others think nothing of spending money on shoes and clothes for our kiddos, while still others will punch those numbers in quicker than you can say Garth Brooks!--if it’s a concert they’ve been dying to attend. Trust me-no judgment here! AND….I’d like you consider the goodness that comes from truly taking care of yourself. Think for a moment, the priceless benefits and long-lasting gift to yourself (and by default all your loved ones) of connecting with other women, or with someone dedicated to you becoming the best version of yourself. Ponder all the roads that will open up for you when you make the choice to be completely on purpose in your life.

You really aren’t paying for time. You are paying for a ticket—a front row seat to the most exciting show in the world: your one, beautiful, and amazing life!

ABOUT THERAPY (and how Coaching isn’t that)

I work with women who simultaneously go to therapy, and this can be a great combination-style approach to problem solving in someone’s life. That being said, the piece I bring to the table is ACTION. Therapy tends to focus on the past, where life coaching is about all the delicious possibility in a person’s future, and action steps towards growth. Working with me will require doing actual homework. But never Math, I promise.

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