Life Coaching


 I offer one-on-one coaching, and here’s what that looks like: me, listening carefully to you; taking note of what’s on your mind and heart. And then this is where my intuitive magic comes into play. Your coaching session is individualized, and will not look like anyone else’s. It is created for you, and your specific needs and interests. Sort of like Build-A-Bear. Without all the fluff. You know that loose and lovely feeling you get after a body massage? Each of our sessions will leave your soul in a state of Zen. Don’t be surprised if it starts asking for Bob Marley songs and Gluten-free Granola.



I may utilize Angel Cards to help guide the direction of our time together. If I feel like it would be helpful, I teach EFT Tapping, an easy to learn technique that is one of my favorite shortcuts to clarity, peace, and healing. We may meditate or pray together. We might do an in-depth study of your personality, utilizing the wisdom of Chinese medicine. I will share how different teachings have helped me through different struggles. I may teach you about crystals, and their usefulness. I will draw from every source there is to bring you what you are seeking in your life. Yes, I just said every source, because I’m quite certain there’s no one as nerdy as I am when it comes to the area of self-improvement.


I meet with each of my clients for about 45 minutes free of charge before we set up any sort of plan. That’s my way of saying to you: Hey you! Let’s take a test drive before you buy! If we are a fit, it’s a go! And then the amazing journey will begin.


Coaching can look like:

  • Once a week

  • Twice a month

  • Once a month

  • Sporadic and as needed.


Coaching can be:

  • On the phone

  • In Person

Both options include as much in between communication as needed, for no extra charge. When you sign up with me, consider me on the case, and I will keep you and your biggest challenges and dreams on file, so don’t be surprised to receive a text out of nowhere from me. When my Angels talk, I listen, and I don’t delay in delivering the message!

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